Site Management

Site Performance

Site Setup Tasks

  1. Register a domain
  2. Setup hosting
  3. Pick layout/template
  4. Install template
  5. Customize template
  6. Test site & links
  7. Review SEO

Website Design

We have been working on web design and internet coding for over 23 years. We build our first website back in 1996. We have build/maintain hundreds of websites for youth groups & small businesses. So if your needs are complex, server intensive demands of ecommerce or simple one page site, we can offer you trouble free, personal service at a very competitive price.



Upcoming Tasks

  1. List of tasks
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  3. Read reports
  4. Write email
  5. Call customers
  6. Go to meeting
  7. Weekly plan
  8. Ask for feedback
  9. Meet Supervisor
  10. Company trip